Revenue Improvement

Revenue Improvement

What revenue improvement means

how can you improve
your practice revenue?

As healthcare organizations face declining rates of revenue growth, revenue cycle leaders must ensure every dollar earned for care provided is promptly reimbursed from payers and collected from patients.

Whether you choose to outsource your billing with a vendor or keep your billing in-house depends entirely on the size of your practice, how much revenue you take in and how you utilize your staff.

MCC revenue improvement

The annual salary cost for a certified medical coder
is approximately $51,000 per year

To keep billing in-house, you will need a certified medical coder on staff, which can be really expensive. On top of the annual salary of a certified medical coder, you need to consider additional costs such as technology, equipment purchases, maintaining their education and certification, and benefits. In addition to this expense you also lose productivity and revenue for every sick day and PTO they decide to take. 

Many things can go wrong with medical claims..

Your internal billing staff will also need to keep up with healthcare regulations… Simple coding errors can cause rejections!

It will be up to you and your staff to deal with rejected claims and running best-practice operations to grow your medical business. Medical Claims Consultants will take care of all of this for you, including staying up to date with laws, codes, policies, and regulations.

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