A/R Wind-downs and Clean-Ups

A/R Wind-downs and Clean-Ups

MCC believes in collecting every dollar amount you deserve

A/R Wind-Downs and Clean-Ups

Are you in the process of changing billing companies or Practice Management and EHR systems?

In many cases, healthcare organizations reach out to us when their business is not trending in the right direction. We have been handling specialty projects such as these since 1993. MCC have been pioneers in the billing business for over 25 years and are recognized on many levels for getting healthcare organizations back on track to run a successful and profitable business.

MCC Previous A/R

Top reasons medical practices call MCC:

  • Cash Flow Problems
  • In-house billers are way behind
  • Problems meeting payroll
  • Billing staff is not well trained on how to properly bill
  • Lack support with current billing company
  • Not receiving reports needed
  • High insurance and patient A/R
  • Claims are not being followed-up
  • Under-billing

Successful A/R clean-up and positive results

Hospitals and physician groups who are changing their billing process or are behind on their in-house billing may need help collecting previous A/R that they weren’t able to collect. There is a good possibility the old A/R is a concern, MCC has the experience to work through these problems providing physician groups with uninterrupted cash flow while protecting them from any potential legal issues associated with previous billing processes.

Medical Claims Consultants has built a reputation and is well known for successful A/R clean-up and consistently demonstrating positive results. We believe in collecting every dollar amount you deserve.

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