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improving patient collections

Successful patient collection strategies are based on excellent communication and education of medical debt owed. The collection process from patients is two or three times harder than collecting from payers. Therefore, practices should avoid costly programs that result in ineffective statements and calls that don’t pay off.
Our billing experts are the primary point of contact for your patent’s statement, payment plan arrangements, and collections to simplify the process and maximize your reimbursements. 

patient collection practices

The registration staff needs to have the knowledge and skill to understand and communicate to the patient the amount due for the services rendered. Remember that the most effective time to collection monies to meet the financial responsibility of the patient is at the time of service. Our billing experts will advise your front office staff regarding patient eligibility and pre-authorization.

Many statements do not provide the patient with enough information to understand the charges they are being asked to pay. A well-designed patient statement will give you a higher chance of getting a patient to respond, as they understand how they relate to the services performed. Statements are processed by our team to ensure your patients receive accurate statements on a monthly basis.

Patient follow-up programs go beyond the traditional written communication, they include action steps to proactively reach out to the patient.
MCC has a unique culture of services and personalized focus for our clients and their patients. For that reason, our clients are assigned a dedicated client manager who will be their single point of contact, knows you and your staff by name, and is responsible for your overall satisfaction.

The ability to offer patients the option to make time-based payments will motivate the responsible party to resolve medical debt which otherwise would go unpaid. This is particularly important when working with uninsured or under-insured patients.

Our team at MCC takes care of the payment arrangement plan when the patients call to inquire about their account. 

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