Charge entry

Charge entry

Medical Billing Process

what is charge entry?

Charge Entry is a vital process in the medical billing process.  A minor mistake in charge entry impacts the entire outcome if overlooked.  It is crucial as all patient accounts created are assigned with the appropriate monetary value according to the coding.  The reimbursements for any service rendered by a physician will be decided by this charge entry. Our billing experts will confirm all appropriate data information is in place to ensure you receive proper reimbursement.  Paying attention to every detail is extremely critical and our team is laser focused that every entry is entered accurately.

Entering incorrect information can cause interrupted cash flow

When these errors are overlooked to the next step in the process of being submitted, reviewers may deny or reject these claims based on the severity of previous mistakes. This may require you to re-submit the corrected claim which involves more time you have just spent when this could have been avoided. It takes more time and effort identifying these errors, sometimes days or weeks to establish where the claim has gone wrong. This will certainly impact your revenue cycle process.

MCC charge entry

We guarantee accuracy and quick turnaround

Medical Claims Consultants can help you achieve constant cash flow, avoid rejected and denied claims, and time spent fixing these errors. 
Let us solve the frustrations and headaches caused by minor errors, allowing you to focus on patient care.

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