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At MCC, we understand that billing and software are not the same thing. Revenue cycle management is too important and complex to be an add-on to bundled software services. Quality medical billing requires the work of experts with years of experience. It requires vigilant attention to detail. Anything less results in a lot of lost revenue.



MCC was founded to offer the most comprehensive, accurate revenue cycle services in the industry. Our services cover as much of the billing process as the client requires. Our clients’ collection rates are some of the highest in the country because of our attention to detail at every stage of the revenue cycle.

Software Flexible

Software isn’t billing. Healthcare providers should use the software platform that works best for them. Providers should hire the billing company that can obtain the highest level of revenue on their behalf, and they shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. At MCC, we work with numerous popular software platforms, so our clients can operate on the system they prefer.

Customer Service Focused

At MCC, our medical billing team works hand-in-hand with our customer support team at our offices in Florida. This allows for maximum efficiency and best-practice customer service. When clients or patients call with questions, they’re quickly connected to an articulate member of our billing staff with personal knowledge of their respective account.


MCC is not like many medical billing companies touting the same irrelevant sales pitches. These companies misrepresent how billing is really done. Effective billing cannot be automated. It requires real-time, human knowledge and persistence. It requires a watchful, tenacious team that will recognize and solve problems as they arise.

Below, we’ll go over a few important facts about our services and how they make a real difference for our clients. We’ll also go through the most overused billing company sales pitches and why you should ignore them.

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